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Language e-learning tool for vocations - Sh@re the standards is an innovation transfer project conducted with the support from the European Commission as part of the Leonardo da Vinci programme. The general aim of the project is to create innovations in the field of teaching and learning of foreign languages for vocational purposes, to develop tools contributing to an increased potential, professional activity of employees with the use of modern methods of continuous learning in the form of coherent e-learning training. Apart from that, the project aims at introducing standardisation into language learning for vocations and supporting employees in their efforts to communicate effectively in a foreign language. The products developed as a result of the project are aimed at adults, teachers and trainers, educational institutions and continuous learning centres. The project is a response to common problems of workers looking for employment abroad – although they are highly qualified in their field, the lack of skills in the language spoken in their country of choice renders their vocational skills useless. An additional aim of the project is equipping workers willing to work in European countries with recognisable and standardised professional certificates confirming their language skills in concrete professions, supporting organisations such as job agencies and labour organisations in evaluating language competences of the job-seeking, teaching European languages (Italian, Polish, Greek and Portuguese) for vocational purposes and equipping students learning vocations with tools aiming at increasing their knowledge and competences in order to avoid social exclusion, as well as supporting them in entering and re-entering the job market through enabling and facilitating their access to e-learning and blended learning.


  • Translating the handbook for test developing in accordance with the Common European Framework of References for Languages into languages of the project's partners.
  • Creating language tests in accordance with the aforementioned framework of references for the purpose of teaching and learning languages for the following vocations: organic food and catering, footwear industry, graphics and design.
  • Translating the developed courses into the languages of partner countries, creating course books.
  • Creating a virtual school and putting the content of the courses onto the e-learning platform.
  • Creating a training module for teachers containing the standards in teaching and evaluating foreign language skills, presenting the LCCTV handbook and the course books for teaching and learning languages for vocational purposes, guides to the e-learning platform and methods of teaching and learning with the use of the platform.
  • Creating a brochure informing about the project.
  • Holding a conference to summarise the project, present the results of the project and the SH@RE internet tool.

Psychology course Footwear course Graphic design course Catering course


Globalnet sp. z o.o. is a Poznań-based company operating since October 2008 (at Ratajczaka 20/18a). Globalnet specialises in creating both innovative and simple tools for learning and teaching of foreign languages. The company's activity involves distant teaching of languages by means of the e-learning platform Losglobos. It is a tool used not only to teach foreign languages but also to support and enhance the process of learning itself.
Best Cybernetics is a company dealing with software, training and counselling. It specialises in creating ICT solutions for training programmes, high-quality e-learning content for training placed on websites and internet marketing.
Civiform is an official vocational training centre for the Friuli Venezia Giulia region. The mission of Civiform is to support young people and adults in entering and returning to the job market and enabling professionally active people to take part in courses raising their qualifications.
Centro Tecnológico do Calçado de Portugal is a non-profit organisation created in 1986 by the Portuguese Footwear, Components and Leather Goods Manufacturers' Association and the Portuguese Ministry of Industry. CTCP is strongly related to the Portuguese footwear industry, providing it with various services, including professional workplace training, e-learning and traditional training in various vocational competences.


The products developed in the course of the project are aimed at adults, teachers, trainers, educational institutions and continuous learning centres. This project acknowledges the fact that people wanting to work abroad often have to deal with the problem of a language barrier, which means that they are not able to use their professional skills in the country of their choice. The project supports them, giving them access to new courses and new vocabulary, and facilitates the work of teachers who receive new course books and become familiar with new vocational vocabulary and methodology. Moreover, the project increases the accessibility of e-learning and vocational courses, which potentially broadens also the offer of language schools.

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission under the Lifelong Learning Programme. This publication reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.






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