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E-learning platform


  • You do not need your own server.
  • You receive a ready base of teaching and learning materials.
  • You give your students and teachers a modern learning and teaching tool that is also fun.

For students

  • additional base of learning materials and a learning channel, which lets you learn through play and competition,
  • access to knowledge at any time and any place – also by means of mobile devices,
  • a new school-related community – avatars, communicator, language contests and rankings – a dynamic and interactive meeting and learning place.

For teachers

  • less work – a ready base of interesting and easy to find language exercises,
  • homework that corrects itself automatically,
  • a possibility of adding your own materials,
  • insight into students' activity and progress,
  • no more photocopies and black and white exercise books,
  • a channel for communication with groups of students.

For school owners

  • lower costs – no need for excessive use of a photocopier, no need for exercise books,
  • a broader offer thanks to a small investment,
  • insight into the work of the teachers and the students' statistics,
  • a system that works and remembers about the students, even when the teachers sometimes forget,
  • an easy way to stay in touch with your students over the summer holiday (no need to engage the teachers).
A ready base of materials Chill-out zone Gamification – What is it? Mail Face2Face communicator Editor for creating exercises and courses Reports and statistics

A ready base of materials

  • interesting, interactive exercises using a real language,
  • easy searching,
  • four languages, various levels,
  • thematic language bases (General, Business English, Catering and Tourism),
  • an easy way of choosing and sending exercises by the teachers – in relation to particular courses and in response to the students' needs.

Chill-out zone

  • new items everyday,
  • useful tips and explanations of funny language mistakes,
  • cultural and language curiosities,
  • a great way to start or end a lesson,
  • learning through fun,
  • no teachers needed.

Gamification – What is it?


  • Mailbox – your school receives an additional communication channel between students and teachers
  • Start page – can be used as a notice-board for students, an editable window to place content for all the students in your school!

Face2Face communicator

  • video meetings and lessons
  • chat
  • sending and sharing files

Editor for creating exercises and courses

  • an easy to use editor to create your own exercises and courses on the platform,
  • many forms or exercises,
  • a possibility to add audio and video files, graphics and links.

Reports and statistics

  • the system controls and corrects exercises,
  • access to the archive of results and reports, activities and progress statistics,
  • browsing statistics according to individual students, groups, type of skills,
  • generating pdf files with reports and statistics.


PLN / m
Subscription price covers:
school installation
platform updates
development of base of exercises and courses
technical support
  PLN / m
Subscription price covers:
school installation
platform updates
technical support
Losglobos + I-Office
PLN / m
Subscription price covers:
school + I-office installation
platforms updates
development of base of exercises and courses in Losglobos system
technical support
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